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February 20, 2014
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The Benefits of an Aluminum Truss System

Aluminum Truss System

Aluminum Truss System

When holding an event, there are many logistics that need to be overcome. One of the most important is the venue where the event will be held. For many people looking for a proper venue, the venue will have everything you need. This however may not always be the case. If you are trying to put on an event, and you need proper lighting, it may not be possible if there is nothing already in place.

That is where aluminum trusses come into play.

An aluminum truss system can be specially designed for your event, creating the architecture and framework to make any event possible. Below are a few reasons why people prefer aluminum trusses.

Light Weight

Unlike other heavier metals, aluminum is excellent for a truss system. Truss support does not usually require the same weight and force tolerances as other metals, as they are mostly supporting scaffolding for lighting, or other secondary requirements. An aluminum truss system will also require far less support to be stable, making it a preferred choice among people quickly setting up a stable system of supports. As a result, an aluminum truss system will be lightweight and easy to get into position.

Easy to Set Up and Transport

Because it is lightweight, aluminum truss systems are very easy to move from the point of origin to the event location and back. In addition, aluminum trusses are designed in a number of shapes and sizes. The number and variation of pieces makes putting a truss system together very simple. In addition, because the truss systems can be comprised of multiple smaller parts, transportation is easy.

Can be Designed for Nearly Any Purpose

With all of these parts, easy transport, and lightweight frame, aluminum truss system’s can serve nearly any purpose. Forming the backbone of stages for concerts, meetings, production events, entertainment, and even architectural purposes, trusses have a myriad of uses. With custom fabrication, any need you have can be fulfilled, leading to some truly exciting and revolutionary truss designs.

Putting it All Together

If you are looking to impress, then go with aluminum truss systems. Specially designed, easy to transport, lightweight, and sturdy, an aluminum truss can fill any requirement you have reliably. As a result, the aluminum truss fabrication industry has only gotten larger over the past few decades, as demand continues to increase.


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