• Professional Sound and lights crew working for you
  • DMX lighting for show, from as broad as general lighting to as specific as designed sequences and cues for each song or scene.


Live multi-track recording is available: today most bands can sound decent on a studio and customers don’t know how your show sound live, if you have your act together we can record you live multi-track, mix you later and produce a live version of your album that you can show to your potential customers so they know what they are buying when they are booking you. these live versions often sound better and are more dynamic than studio versions.

Rational / differentiator factors

  • You are about to make it, you are professional, we will make sure you sound and look as great as you can.
  • Working with us will take your shows to a new level.
  • You can focus on your show, don’t get distracted. Keep on focusing on the quality of your performance; we will do the rest for you
  • Surprisingly great prices for up and coming performers; we know how tight it is at the beginning we are willing to invest in you hoping that once you make it you will still keep on working with us.
  • Top quality equipment used. best brands in the industry.
  • Affordable, reliable, and professional.