Some Interesting Designs Seen at Truss Trade Shows

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May 22, 2014

Some Interesting Designs Seen at Truss Trade Shows

Truss Trade Shows

Truss Trade Shows

When putting up a booth for a trade show, there is a great deal of competition. Every single person is competing against each other for the best possible display, with the winner getting the most notice and attention from the floor. With so much to lose, the world of truss trade shows designs have taken off as their own industry. Lets take a look at some of the common designs used for truss trade shows, as well as customizability. In addition, we will take a look at why aluminum trusses are quickly becoming the preferred support materials at trade shows.

What are Some Examples of Aluminum Truss Systems being shown at Truss Trade Shows?

Trusses can be arranged in a number of interesting ways, marrying form and function into one. The most common designs include the arches and booth shape. The arch shape consists of two vertical aluminum trusses, connected at the top by a horizontal beam. These are popular for lighting mounts, as well as archways for speakers to enter and exist. Booth shapes have four vertical arches at every corner of a square, and are connected on top by four beams. This set up helps define the booth space, while providing overhead support on all ends.

An increasing trend in truss trade shows is circular truss configurations. These both introduce new designs, while also better fitting what each group needs from their space. These circular designs can be custom made and manufactured to serve any need required.

How Can An Aluminum Truss be Customized?

There are any number of ways an aluminum truss can be customized. The most important way is in how many cylindrical supports there are in the truss. Most normal trusses have four. However, there can be as little as two or thee. The less cylindrical supports you have, the easier it will be to transport and set up. However, you will lose some of the support provided by the truss system with less cylindrical supports. In addition, the coating color of the trusses can be customized, allowing your brand colors to proudly be displayed for all to see.

So Why Chose Aluminum Trusses?

Above everything else, aluminum trusses are affordable. They consist of a number of configurable parts, allowing for multiple designs. Being durable and sturdy, they are easy to put together and can support a great deal of weight before bending.


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