Quality, Quality, Quality!

Using only high quality sound, lighting and special effects systems to make your wedding simply the best! We use the latest, newest and most advanced equipment for superb performance.

Dry Ice $250​


Our high quality, low lying, soundless and odourless Dry Ice machines will make you feel like you’re dancing on clouds. A popular special effect used commonly in weddings that is truly breath taking. Enhance the romance of your first dance, grand entrance or cake cutting on a field of clouds. Not only will the Dry Ice ‘wow’ your guests it will be forever lasting in your wedding pictures. We also provide Dry Ice with colour illumination making the cloud you stand on any colour you desire.​

Up Lighting Decor $25/light​

This elegant effect will make your guests’ jaw drop the second they walk in. Impress your friends and family with this luxurious yet inexpensive look for your reception hall. Vivid streaming lights will add ambiance to any room. They can be any colour of the rainbow to match your reception theme and decor.


Project a custom image, text or logo at your next event and captivate your audience. Our high-resolution monograms will be projected anywhere in your hall. Rotating or stand still this stunning effect can come in colour or black and white. A Bride and grooms name, a graduating class or corporate logos are just some of the popular uses. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary effect to make your event the event of the decade!​

Dance Floor Lighting $250+ ​​

The most influential effect you need! Lighting effects will ultimately take your party to a whole new level. LED, Laser and Intelligent lighting systems to cater to any theme you’re going for. Lighting is the biggest recommendation we give our clients because we know the significant difference it will make for your party.

Best DJ’s in the city.

When you hire Urban Audio services, you will  get the best.

Add Percussionist

Combine digital and live sound to get the best of both worlds! Spice up the dance floor with a live percussionist playing alongside our music. Our skillful percussionists will play all night to all genres of music giving your guests an experience like no other. This special effect is a sure way to differentiate your party from all the others.

​Starting at only $400, this energizing effect will take the entertainment of your special night to new heights.


Wedding Decor Up Lighting Service​

Use wedding decor up lights to:

  • Highlight architectural surroundings such as pillars and columns.
  • Add a decorative, eye catching effect to your walls​.
  • Complement your cake by beaming light up under the cake table
  • Light up the head table with dazzling colours.


Benefits of Decor Up Lighting


  • Impress your guests the second they walk in with this elegant venue lighting effect.
  • Inexpensively adds a rich touch. Only $25 per light (setup and install included).
  • We use only LED Par 64 Cans. The industrie’s best up lighting system. Energy efficient, lower power consumption, emits no heat and projects an ultra bright “punch”.
  • Minimizes other decorative costs.
  • ​Flexible, versatile, suitable for any event size and is DMX ready to achieve any colour you desire.
  • With its everlasting effect, wedding decor up lighting will give your photos and videos a true fairy tale finish.

$25 price is based on services within the Calgary Area Setup and installation is included when you purchase any D.J package. A $75 setup charge may be incurred if purchasing without a DJ service package. Minimum of 10 venue up lights required. Optional DMX setup may have service charge.